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- Hobbs Pond Swim in Hope-7/27/14-Ken Waltz
- Belfast Rotary Kilted Canter 5K-7-19-14-Ken Waltz
- Marshall Point Lighthouse Loop 5k-7-19-14-Holly Vanorse Spicer
- Hope Triathlon-7/13/14-Ken Waltz
- Pen Bay YMCA Livestrong 5K-7/12/14-Ken Waltz
- Thomaston Fourth of July Firecracker 5K Road Race-7/4/14-Mark Haskell
- Brandon Feyler 5K at MVHS-6/29/14-Holly Vanorse Spicer
- Megunticook Lake Race-6/29/14-Ken Waltz
- Waldoboro Day 5K Road Race-6/21/14-Mark Haskell
- 'The First' Summer Solstice 5K in Rockland-6/21/14-Ken Waltz
- Waldo County YMCA Family Triathlon-5/10/14-Ken Waltz
- Mother's Day 5K at Oceanside High School-5/11/14-Ken Waltz
- 'Grace and Grit' 5K Road Race in Rockland-5/3/14-Mark Haskell
- Unity College 5K Road Race-4/19/14-Mark Haskell
- St. George River Race-4/6/14-Ken Waltz
- 'Lucky Leprechaun' 5K in Rockland-3/15/14-Mark Haskell
- 'Luv Me' 5K at Samoset Resort-2/8/14-Holly Vanorse Spicer
- 'Set The Pace' 5K in Camden-1/1/14-Ken Waltz
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