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- Barrett Grant Story-11/15/17-Mark Haskell
- Mount View Football Coach-8/14/17-Mark Haskell
- Gordon Guist Parkinson's Disease Story-8/9/17-Ken Waltz
- Cole Anderson-7/27/17-Mark Haskell
- Jeremy Marks Camden Hills Football Coach-7/13/17-Mark Haskell
- Sara Bryant Feature-11/14/16-Mark Haskell
- Alexis Rozsahegyi Feature-11/14/16-Mark Haskell
- Shane Hatch Fishing Story-8/30/16-Ken Waltz
- Nick Mazurek Story-8/29/16-Mark Haskell
- Kylie Nelson Story-8/29/16-Mark Hasklle
- Fogarty, Ripley Wrestling Story-3/10/16-Ken Waltz
- Hill and Dever Cheering Story-3/10/16-Mark Haskell
- Allen Holmes Field Hockey Award-1/13/16-Mark Haskell
- Steven Davis Athlete of Year-8/26/15-Mark Haskell
- Brittany Ward Athlete of Year-8/26/15-Mark Haskell
- Pickleball at Midcoast Recreation Center-7/31/15-Mark Haskell
- Nick Mazurek Athlete of Year-8/18/14-Mark Haskell
- Ashley Littlefield Athlete of Year-8/14/14-Mark Haskell
- Mom's On The Run Feature-4/21/14-Ken Waltz
- Connor Winchenbach Wrestling State Champion Feature-2/26/14-Mark Haskell
- Mike MacDonald Pitching Clinic at Waldo County YMCA-1/19/14-Mark Haskell
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